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Palliative Care
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What is Palliative Care?

Palliative care is a unique collaboration between physicians, registered nurses and chaplains working to provide patients with serious illnesses an extensive, personalized form of clinical care.

Palliative Care can be provided at any stage of a patient's illness and during the same time as curative treatments

Our services are provided in the hospital setting, our outpatient clinic, assisted living facilities and skilled nursing facilities throughout our region . For certain patients, care may be provided in the patient's home.

Palliative care services provide physical, emotional, social and spiritual support for patients and their caregives, while facilitating clear understanding about the nature of their illnesses to make timely, informed decisions about their care.

The earlier Palliative Care becomes involved, the better we can provide support throughout the course of an individual's serious illness.       

The focus of care is on the “whole person” ~ body, mind and spirit.

Services Provided

  • Superior pain management implemented through palliative medicine
  • Enhancing quality of life for the patient during curative treatment processes
  • Facilitating communication to and from doctors to the patient, family, and loved ones, ensuring satisfaction of care
  • Assisting patients and caregivers in understanding all possible treatment options
  • Discovering and utilizing all resources for treatments

Palliative Care Team

We bring together experts from a wide variety of disciplines in order to provide the best care for our patients.

Our care team includes:

  • Physicians with advanced training in palliative care
  • Nurse practitioners with extensive experience providing palliative care
  • Registered Nurse coordinators providing clinical assessments and linking patients to key services
  • Social Workers with expertise in psychosocial support and community resources
  • Dedicated pastoral services

LifePath’s Palliative Care program offers the flexibility for patients to keep their current doctor, while joining forces with our professional palliative care team members, forming a personal care team with their primary doctor leading the process.